DUXAD.COM is an online classifieds platform, a dais where people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and services, with the idea for the buyers and sellers to meet online. At DUXAD.COM , we have created an online community which is safe and simple. We aim to help people by clicking a mouse and solve their need through our site DUXAD.COM

Why to use DUXAD.COM?

  • DUXAD.COM is hundred percent free for everyone whether you are posting ads to your goods/service or simply searching for offers.
  • We pay attention on listings on our website and ensure that listings are always fresh, we delete old outdated ads.
  • Our website is easy to use one and categories are provided in such a way to narrow down your search.
  • Though website seems simple in design, it is robust enough to cater your needs, also layout is made clear and simple so that it's easy to use and also it assists in reaching relevant search pages quickly.

How you can use DUXAD.COM ?

It's very simple to list your goods/services that you wish to give on rent online on our website, just fill all required details add photograph and post the free advertisement. People seeking goods/services in and around their locality may find your offer attractive, suiting their needs and can contact you.

Happy trading for All !